Thursday, December 22, 2011

Old Man's book.

I went into my basement to get some food from the deep freezer, when i was down there i noticed a box of really old books and newspapers. I decided to pull them out and take a look at them. Ended up that the newspaper was from the 60's. Had pictures and cartoons that just blew my mind.  When I opened up the books they were engraved to be from the 1800's.  
I decided to do a photo shoot with this stuff. This piece is called the Crate of Knowledge.  The crate is from the 80's newspaper from the 60's and the books go back to the 1800's. 
I then decided to switch up the scene and move it into a old secretary desk that is from the 50's. Taking the photos of family and placing them in the desk made it appealing to the eye. The glasses was another object that was added to keep you focused on what the photo is telling you. This is named, "Years Gone By."
This is by far my favorite photo I took that day. The name of the photo is called "One Man's Time." This is a true pocket watch that has been handed down to my father from my great great grandfather.  

Its funny to think that I would have never realized this box, if I wasn't curious that day I went to go get food from the deep freezer. This makes me realize that so many people go at such a fast pace everyday, that we never stop and notice the things around us.......BEAUTIFUL is all around us we just have to open our eyes! 


  1. its an honor to be your first follower AND first commenter!! :) i hope you enjoy blogging as much as i do, and just remember to express yourself as you are because you are awesome! and i love your photography!! you are a very talented artist! keep it up goober! :)

  2. Im glad you got me to start this! your such a great bestie to listen to the things i go through! cant want to read more of your blogs as well. And you know your photography is great as well!