Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well the other day my dad came to me and asked me what I was going to do with my major.  I thought for awhile and I couldn't really grasp what I truly wanted to do.  With 3 semesters left i feel like I haven't learned enough.  Even with taking the maximum amount of hours, things are just not all there.  I have always wanted to travel and learn about fine arts, and the history of art.  I have always wanted to experiment with all types of media.  Research all kinds of design. Go to lectures.  Go to workshops.  I feel like I'm just not really noticing/doing what I want.  With this in mind I have slowly come to terms with myself going somewhere else and learning.  Last year I was talking about transferring to SCAD (savanna creative and design), and now I am considering it more than ever.  For some reason I feel like there is much more out there for me.  I feel like I can discover my true self somewhere else, rather than where im at now. But I also feel this way because of the awful saying, "I will never be good enough." What should I do? Is there some other options that I should do?