Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well the other day my dad came to me and asked me what I was going to do with my major.  I thought for awhile and I couldn't really grasp what I truly wanted to do.  With 3 semesters left i feel like I haven't learned enough.  Even with taking the maximum amount of hours, things are just not all there.  I have always wanted to travel and learn about fine arts, and the history of art.  I have always wanted to experiment with all types of media.  Research all kinds of design. Go to lectures.  Go to workshops.  I feel like I'm just not really noticing/doing what I want.  With this in mind I have slowly come to terms with myself going somewhere else and learning.  Last year I was talking about transferring to SCAD (savanna creative and design), and now I am considering it more than ever.  For some reason I feel like there is much more out there for me.  I feel like I can discover my true self somewhere else, rather than where im at now. But I also feel this way because of the awful saying, "I will never be good enough." What should I do? Is there some other options that I should do?

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  1. even tho msj might be a crappy school sometimes, it still doesn't limit your ability to learn and explore. no matter what school you go to, you will probably always say 'there's much more out there for me' (at least i would). just remember....inspiration and dreams come from within one's heart, not necessarily a fancy art school. but that's just my personal opinion. i know you will make the right decision.